You want to make a fantastic presentation on a book by Thomas Brezina?

Great! Here you find all the infos on how to do it. Your classmates will be impressed!


1. Reading the book

First tip: While reading the book, underline the most exciting or funniest sentences. Your presentation will be even better if you read two or three passages from the book out loud.


2. Writing your presentation

Write down the most important key facts on index cards.

Tip: If you're stuck, simply look on these notes. If you don't have index cards, you can use old postcards.

The introduction:

First you'll need a catchy introduction. On "About Thomas" you'll find some ideas for some interesting things to say.

The main part:

That's the essential part of your presentation
In your presentation you should introduce the book, the characters and give your audience an overview of the story.

Read out a text passage
Find a short, exciting passage in the book and read it to your classmates. Try not to tell too much about the story though.

The heroes
Tell your classmates something about the heroes and main characters of the book. You'll find some infos for that on "Books & Series".

The summary
You'll find a lot of infos on "Books & Series". Just choose a book and look at the short summary. There are even longer summaries on some of the newer books.

Some little facts
It's always a good idea to tell your classmates some additional facts about the book. How many pages does it have? Are there pictures in it? Is there some special gimmick?

The end:

Your opinion
At the end of your presentation, tell your classmates what you think about the book. Was it good? What did you like best?

Books & Series
You could also add, which bookseries Thomas has written. You'll find them on "Books & Series".

Quiz: Ask some questions...
At the end, you should ask your classmates some questions and also answer their questions.

19083. Presentation

Take some time to think about how to present your book in the best possible way.

Would you like doing a chart or are you more comfortable with using a powerpoint presentation? Decide for yourself!

19094. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Do your presentation in front of some friends or your parents. This exercise helps in getting better.

19105. Sleeping

Go to bed early the day before your presentation so that you are fit for doing your best!

19146. The presentation

Now it's time to present your speech!
Just remember our tips, take a deep breath and off you go!

Tip: Don't act to stiff. Just try to talk natural like you would with good friends. Take some cues from tv presenters: They're not only talking with their lips but with their hands and feet too.

19137. Your review

It's your turn to present your personal opinion about the book. Your classmates will definitely be interested in your views!

8. Quiz

Raise some questions about the book to your classmates. That way you'll find out whether they have understood your presentation.

9. End

Your teacher and classmates should tell you what they liked and didn't like about your presentation. It's not that bad though if something goes wrong. You'll get better with every presentation you do!

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