My motto: Reading should always be an adventure!

  • Tom Turbo

    Tom Turbo

    The greatest friend you can imagine - a bike with 111 tricks which solves the most comical detective adventures.


  • The Knickerbocker-Gang

    The Knickerbocker-Gang

    Exciting adventures around the world! And four friends who stick together like glue. Who would not want to be part of this team?


  • All my Monsters

    All my Monsters

    Max Muller is actually an ordinary boy - except his admittedly quite unusual friends! They are the last remaining monsters in the world!


  • Sisters, no Misters

    Sisters, no Misters

    On first glance Lizzie and Tinka are ordinary teenage-girls - but in truth they are actual witches!


  • A Case for you and the Tiger-Team

    A Case for you and the Tiger-Team

    With the exciting adventures of the Tiger-Team your right in the middle of the action. Travel all around the globe together with Trixie, Luke and Patrick!